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Press Release - Amsterdam, July 09, 2021

Dawdlebird Games releases Flappy Frog!

Who does what now? Another flappy game by some developer we’ve never heard of? Indeed! Well, sort of...

Dawdlebird Games recently released Flappy Frog on Google Play, where the player is a frog (or cat, or turtle or alien or any of the many characters you can collect) that has pieced together a set of wings to navigate obstacles of various sorts.

While you might have come across a few obstacle-avoidance and endless-runner type games, you will likely find this one to be among the most beautiful and polished ones of its kind. The graphics have an almost hand-drawn painterly aesthetic to them, with lush green hills, caves and deserts so colorful you'd wish you could visit these sceneries in person.

But don't let all these bright colors fool you; the game is by no means easy, and goes far beyond the tap-to-flap action you might expect from a title like this. It is the versatile glide action (which does require some practice to get the hang of) that allows you to really become skillful at navigating the various stages. And these stages all come with their own challenges: from moving obstacles to fish jumping from desert sands (?) to giant cogwheels to traverse!


- 6 Stages with their own gameplay and 4 variations per stage, plus random and hard modes.
- Over 60 characters to collect.
- Leaderboards and achievements.
- A snapshot-and-share functionality to show off your high-scores (and characters) to friends.
- Designed to run at a smooth 60 frames per second, even on somewhat older devices.


Android, and coming soon to iOS.


About Dawdlebird Games

Dawdlebird is about making games that resonate and inspire.

I've founded this little studio (just me right now) in 2020. Crafting games since the 90's (and since 2007 as a professional) and having worked on several launched titles (for pc, xbox and mobile devices) I wanted to get back to the original childhood dream; to create and craft worlds in which I - as a gamer - could really lose myself. Be it through the story, the visuals, the music or the gameplay itself' to inspire, games should really come from a place of inspiration themselves.

In my games I try to capture that something I would feel as a kid when I had discovered a new game that would somehow captivate me; that sense of magic, wonder and creativity that just keeps you coming back for more.


Thijs de Vries - Founder / Developer / Artist / Composer / Person to talk to